A MARLBOROUGH woman secretly took three kids, who were said to be her husband’s children, for DNA tests which revealed he was the father of just one of the minors.

The tests revealed the other two minors were not his children.

Nomsa Chigwada, who is married to Walter Chigwada, says she heaved a sigh of relief when results proved two of the three kids were not her husband’s children.

The kids are aged 10, seven and three.

Nomsa confirmed taking Nyarai Mutigwa’s kids for DNA tests without Chigwada’s knowledge, arguing that her husband had been subjected to blackmail after cheating on her.

Nyarai said Nomsa has been fighting her for the past 10 years, blocking Chigwada from supporting the children.

She accused Nomsa of using her financial muscle to influence the DNA results.

“It’s all about showing each other the financial muscle,” said Nyarai.

“Nomsa has been describing me as a poor and uneducated person and calling my children goblins.

“Although she treats me and my children that way, the fact is that Chigwada has been deserting her in Marlborough to visit me in Dzivaresekwa.

“He never queried the children’s paternity, but Nomsa dragged me to DNA tests out of jealousy, and forced Chigwada not to support his children.

Vana vangu vane minwe six sezvakangoita vake saka ngaarege kutambudza vana vaberekwa nemurume wake achida kushandisa simba rekuti anemari.

“She has compromised the education of Chigwada’s children because of her financial muscle and envy.

“She is the one who collected the DNA results and I expressed my displeasure with the company that conducted the tests,” said Nyarai.

Nomsa told H-Metro her husband, Chigwada, has been a victim of emotional blackmail at Nyarai’s mercy.

“It is true that I confronted Nyarai over maintenance of three children she was receiving,” said Nomsa.

“I approached a local DNA company where I was told to bring Chigwada’s tooth brush since I didn’t want him to know of my plans.

“I forced Nyarai and the kids to go for DNA tests and the results left Nyarai receiving maintenance for only one child.

“My husband stooped so low to bed a woman like Nyarai and he has been threatened of being exposed if he refused to support the children.

“He failed to respect me by comparing me with Nyarai,” said Nomsa.

She pleaded for the story not to be published.

Chigwada told H-Metro that the battles provided him with relief from supporting three children given the DNA results showed that two of the kids were not his.

“Nyarai is failing to tell her parents that she has three kids with different fathers,” said Chigwada.


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