Prophet Marries Four Women At The Same Time (Video)

A Congolese prophet has gone viral on the internet after he married four women simultaneously.

Prophet Zagabe Chiluza from the Democratic Republic of Congo already had a wife and decided to add four more women who were all virgins into his house. He now boasts five women who share his surname,  staying under his roof.

Face Of Malawi reports that Prophet Chiluza claimed that he was adopting and implementing the idea of polygamy from the Christian Bible, using Jacob as an example.


Prophet Marries Four Women
Congolese Prophet Marries Four Women. [Image: Screenshot from the video]

Speaking at his wedding ceremony,  the man of cloth said:


“Jacob had many wives, Leah and Rachel, then Bilha and Zilpa…four wives for one man. I’m glad to have five wives.”


Prophet Chiluza said he was born again in 1986. The man of God exhorted others to practice polygamy, saying men from his church marry only v!rgins.

Watch the wedding ceremony below.


People on social media expressed mixed reactions over Prophet Zagabe Chiluza marrying four women. Check out their sentiments below.



“He should have used Solomon instead of Jacob 🤡🤡🤡”


“They all look sad and forced… At this point… These are the same people who brought religion to Africa…. Tufiakwa.”


Prophet Marries Four Women
Congolese Prophet Marries Four Women [Image: Twitter]


“Now people should clearly understand that this man is not getting married by the leading of the Holy Spirit. He is getting married by the leading of his flesh.  And since he is not delivered from the spirit of lust,  I feel bad for his members that also remain in bondage as well.”


“This man is twisting the words of God.”


“The church members are the ones who will pay for their living expenses😂😂” 


Prophet Marries Four Women
Congolese Prophet Marries Four Women [Image: Screenshot from the video]


“God created one man and one woman. Just because people did it in the Bible means that God ordained it. If God wanted polygamous relationships, He would have demonstrated it when He created the first human beings.”

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