Prince Kaybee disowned by Mzansi for supporting Zimbabwean UFC Vegas winner Gorimbo- accused of potentially being a “half-breed”

Prince Kaybee disowned by Mzansi for supporting Zimbabwean UFC Vegas winner Gorimbo- accused of potentially being a “half-breed” – South Africans have taken to social media to express their frustration after musician Prince Kaybee shared congratulations for Zimbabwean Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter, Temba Gorimbo, on Twitter.

Kaybee tweeted that Gorimbo’s recent UFC debut victory was a “historic moment”, which many felt ignored the success of South African fighters in the sport.

The backlash against Kaybee prompted discussions about the importance of national pride and identity and the politics of celebrities celebrating sportspeople from other countries. Many South Africans said they felt discounted or overlooked by Kaybee’s support of a non-South African athlete.

Kaybee responded to the criticism by stressing that he was supportive of local athletes and that he did not intend to take away from their accomplishments. Rather, he wanted to highlight the significance of Gorimbo’s victory and show solidarity with other African countries.

While Kaybee likely intended to show solidarity with fellow Africans, his tweet came across as dismissive of South African fighters. In a divided political and social landscape, even a misstep in the world of sports can ignite a firestorm.


User @PrinceKaybee_SA, also known as Prince Kaybee, tweeted “Congrats Mthimbana🫶🏾 🇿🇼,” in reference to Gorimbo’s recent achievement. https://twitter.com/PrinceKaybee_SA/status/1754104458047369407?t=LbyfnxFP8n86DRLgvl5-nA&s=19

The tweet prompted a range of responses from fans, including criticism and gratitude.

Some fans accused Prince Kaybee of being anti-South African, while others thanked him for recognizing Zimbabwean talent.

One fan commended Prince Kaybee for showing respect to Africa as a whole.

“You hate South Africa so bad,” said @PossiblPossible

“Thank you for recognizing our zim talent king 👑 you are blessed,” @Tapiwanashezv

“Respect to you Prince Kaybe. Africa’s win,” @RonaldBarbour13

Another speculated that he might be of mixed South African and Zimbabwean heritage.

“Wena I suspect you’re half South African,” @bonkosi

Themba Gorimbo of Masvingo Makes History with First Round Knockout Win Against Pete Rodriguez at UFC Vegas 85

Representing Zimbabwe, Themba Gorimbo once again stunned spectators with an impressive display of skill and determination, securing another electrifying victory in the UFC.

In Saturday’s UFC Vegas 85 welterweight preliminary bout against Pete Rodriguez, Gorimbo clinched his third win, delivering an incredible 32-second knockout.

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Fans were left in awe at the fighter’s remarkable performance.

After his victory, Gorimbo expressed gratitude for his Zimbabwean heritage and spoke of his aspirations to leave a lasting legacy, inspired by footballer Sadio Mané. In a post-fight interview, Gorimbo stated, “I aim to be the champion in 2024!”


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