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POOR MAN’S PRIVATES CHOPPED OFF…Body dumped on the road

A MUDZI family has cried foul following the death of its relative, who was found without private parts, after being run over by a car.

The incident has left both the family and other villagers in shock.

They are demanding answers.

Witness Mutize (31) died on July 1, and his family has been left traumatised by his suspicious death.

Following examination of his corpse, at the accident scene, relatives discovered that his private parts had been cut off, which raised eyebrows.

Mutize’s family suspects that the accident was stage managed after he had already been killed.

They suspect his privates were harvested before the body was placed on the road and run over by a car.

Although a police report was filed, the family wants to establish what really transpired.

Mashonaland East provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Simon Chazovachii, was not reachable for comment.

A family member, Bisinia Mutize, said the shock of losing their brother has been compounded by the mystery surrounding his death.

“Witness was reported to have been run over by a car and died on the spot that night.

“The motorist, who reportedly knocked him down, went to the police but, upon examination, they discovered that he was already dead.

“His privates had been cut off.

“Our observation was that Witness was dumped on the road after being killed.

“He was placed on the road to make it appear as if he had been hit by a car while trying to cross the road,” she said.

Bisina said on the fateful day, Witness had an altercation with some revellers at a bar in the area.

Anonzi ainge anevanhu kuma shops and there was someone he had an altercation with over a stolen cellphone.

“But, we can’t prove all that. Munongoziva zvemakuhwa hazvina proof, asi vanhu varikutaura.

“This is not the first time such a case has happened here.

“Other people have died like this before.

“This should be the fifth such death in the last eight years.

“This has happened before on the same spot where a body is dumped on the road so that it appears as if the person was hit by a car.”

Another relative said:

“We reported the matter to the police, but we have not yet gotten feedback on what transpired.

“We are now living in fear in this area since this is the fifth case of people dying in a similar way.

“Witness’ buttocks were sliced and clothes torn.

“We just want to ascertain what really happened.

“It’s a mystery how he died and we want answers.

“People are afraid to say what happened prior to his death.

“He never used to come home late and we were worried on the night that he died.

“We need help, since we don’t know who will be next.

“We are worried as a family because there are some suspects being named, but nothing is being done,” she said.

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