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“Politically He Is Still 35”: Frustrated South Africans Urge President Cyril Ramaphosa To Retire On His 70th Birthday

South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa can’t seem to catch a break even on his birthday.  Cyril Ramaphosa celebrated his birthday

He turned 70 years old yesterday (17 November 2022) and Mzansi is rather flabbergasted about his age.

Judging from the comments on Twitter, it seems the majority of South Africans had no idea that the president was clocking 70.

Instead of celebrating his birthday and wishing him many returns, some South Africans started calling for his retirement arguing that he should be at home playing with his grandkids.

Tweeps questioned why the general age for retirement for ordinary citizens ranges from 60-65 years but politicians get to be in power until their old and grey.

Critics emphasized that the retirement age for presidents and politicians should also be between 60-65 years.

Netizens argued that the best birthday present president Cyril Ramaphosa could offer South Africans is to retire now with his cabinet. 

Check out some of the reactions;  @sakhilebiyela;  Retire and go enjoy your mattress stash in peace. Retirement age is 60 khehla #ramaphosa70

@OscarMag;  70 !!!! 🚮. Time to be playing with grandkids  @fakato;  It’s a NO from me, He is old he must retire, What is a 70 year old still doing in office?

@Djtshomitso;  Best birthday is to resign #Resign

@IthiNgwane  70? And still want a second term 😭 go rest Mongameli, umdala manje 😬

@Nhleiks5  The greatest gift from him to South Africans is his resignation letter🤔

@zolani3180;  So only politicians cannot retire at 65 but ordinary people are forced to retire..….. what kind of society are we leaving in???????

@Independentdepend;  Why is he not retiring, a 70 year old with the energy of stashing dollars under the mattress.

Government does not employ people at that age, but these useless politicians want to be elected even at retirement age

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