Passion Java Is Bitter Because I Turned Him Down: Kikky Bada$$

Popular rapper Kikky Bada$$ has revealed that controversial socialite, Passion Java is on her case because she turned down playing to his gimmicks.

Java has been trolling Kikky for her looks in multiple posts currently circulating on social.In a lengthy post she shared yesterday on Facebook, Kikky revealed that Java has a vendetta with her because she rebuffed his plea for them to stage a fight on Facebook.

Wrote Kikky;  For someone to call himself a prophet and to act like a 13 year old is beyond me. You’re mad that you were not a partner ? Lol how did I make you write a whole post about me . I want you to write in English so that I can tag your wife and in laws . Panganai Java you’re actually disgusting and I think it’s time you come out of the closet🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 Tell em how you really get down . This behavior has gone too far and I blame vanokusekerera. You’re literally a drama Queen you live for likes and retweets. All you do is insult people and try to be funny when you’re really not , you gamble in casinos then turn back to use the name of God in vain. You’ve destroyed the music industry iwe , anything you touch you break . You find relevancy in people’s names. Basa rako kutora credit for basa revamwe . Chillspot made you , but after wafamba with some of the artists you’re leeched the life out of them . You’re a parasite . Watsamwa kuti ndabvunza kuti unoti “tisiyei” iwe nani .Uko haukwane ku tax bracket iro ukati let me insert myself mukati like a tampon as always. I didn’t use anyone’s name for a come up like you everything I am it took years to built . Put some respect on my f*cking name, you’ve disrespected me a couple of times and I kept it moving, not today . What have you actually done for the society chaunongoda imbiri. Basa tuma skits tusina kana basa. I pity those you lay those filthy hands on . But manje inini handikukwate. Hausi Gafa and you’re really not what you say you are . Because Mari yacho yaunoswero tinyangadzira hauna. You can’t even built a house ? Or have a fleet of cars here in ZIM that actually belong to you . Chako ku hire mota dzevamwe . For you to go and come for my looks shows how shallow and pathetic you are. Don’t make me post them screenshots . Because I will. That other time you asked me to fight with you on FB I refused you went on to post about me . Play with your kids and your girlfriends not me I’m not the one . You’re mad you tried to get with me and I refused . You’re a disgrace to your kind and you really a manifestation of “false prophets” nothing you say or do represents God . Uri n’anga . Ende unondisvota. I’m writing in English so that your wife and the people you fool can read. You will not bully me like you do other artists, I will be a problem to you if need be I can play that role very well. Try me you weak b*tch!

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