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Over 190 000 SA driver licences may be cancelled ‘due to corruption’

A shockingly-high number of driver’s licences have been issued ‘incorrectly’ as a result of corrupt practices.

That’s according to Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula. He has since confirmed that a process is underway to have them all CANCELLED.

The SIU was recently compelled to investigate concerns regarding motor vehicle registrations, the licensing of motor vehicles, as well as the testing and issuing of roadworthy certificates.

As it turns out, hundreds of thousands of licences were issued fraudulently.

This means that all of the licences handed out via corrupt methods will now be cancelled, as per each relevant MEC.

Almost 200 000 South Africans could soon learn that their all-important driving documentation counts for nothing.

That’s a price Mr. Mbalula is willing to pay.  “Various measures have been implemented to tackle corruption, which includes the introduction of online services and online payments, the rollout of smart enrolment units across all DLTCs, the centralisation of the management of booking slots.”

“A total of 190 190 driving licences have been referred to relevant MECs for cancellation. An almost identical number of driving licences [190 173] have been issued to persons who have since passed away.”

“President Ramaphosa has been emphatic that there is no space for corrupt people in our government.  Working will law enforcement authorities, we are making headway in uprooting malfeasance and corruption.”

So far, 86 people linked to the issuing of these bogus licences have been arrested by multi-disciplinary teams.

The Department has also been able to recover more than R50 million from the seizure of illegally imported cars this year.

Meanwhile, driving schools will now be subjected to much stricter regulations.

On 27 September, the National Assembly passed the National Road Traffic Amendment Bill, which addresses a number of areas covered by the SIU investigation.

The clamp-down is now in full swing.

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