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Not So Tightly-Sheeted: Italian Mafia Boss Who Used Bedsheets to Escape Prison Caught in France

Not So Tightly-Sheeted: Italian Mafia Boss Who Used Bedsheets to Escape Prison Rearrested During Romantic Dinner – Italian mafia boss Marco Raduano, who escaped from a high-security Sardinian prison in February 2023 by using bed sheets to climb down the walls, has been recaptured.

The fugitive, who was on Europol‘s list of the most wanted criminals in Europe, was arrested on Feb 1, 2024, in Corsica. He had been serving a 24-year sentence for drug trafficking and other offenses.

Raduano’s escape was captured on camera as he lowered himself using knotted bed sheets before running away. Also, apprehended was his right-hand man, Gianluigi Troiano, who had fled house arrest in 2021 after removing his electronic bracelet.

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Troiano was arrested in Granada, Spain, on the same day. The carabinieri’s capture of the two criminals “represents another significant blow to organized crime,” said Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi. Raduano is believed to be a boss of the Foggia crime syndicate, which is sometimes referred to as Italy’s fourth mafia after those in Sicily, Calabria, and Naples.

According to AFP, he was arrested in Aleria while he was dining with a young woman in a restaurant.

The recapture of Raduano and Troiano highlights the ongoing efforts to combat organized crime and bring fugitives to justice.



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