‘No Shaking Hands’: Here Are Some Of The ‘Weird’ Rules At FIFA 2022 World Cup In Qatar

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is just 50 days away, with fans and players geared for the forthcoming global showpiece.

The tournament will kick start on the 20th of November in the Middle East, Qatar. As the world awaits the contest, here are some of the rules that fans and players are compelled to observe to avoid being jailed or fined during the World Cup.

Alcohol and drugs

In Qatar, it is legal for anyone aged 21 and above to consume alcohol.

The government of Qatar has prohibited selling alcohol within the stadium during matches. This doesn’t mean fans won’t be allowed to drink alcohol.


Qatar World Cup Rules
FIFA World Cup Rules In Qatar [Photo Credit:The Denver Post]

The State outlined that beer will only be served to fans before and after matches at fan zones situated at the stadiums. However, drinking in public is prohibited, and if found guilty, one will face a possible three-year jail term or a heavy fine.


Regarding dressing, fans are prohibited from wearing revealing outfits during the tournament. Despite the scorching temperatures in the Middle East, fans are barred from wearing sleeveless tops and shorts.

Qatar government urged fans to dress ‘shyly’ with their shoulders strictly covered.

E-cigarettes Banned

Smoking is prohibited in public spaces, including museums, sports clubs, shopping malls and restaurants, and a heavy fine in the region of around £740 has been put in place for violators of such regulation.

Apart from prohibiting fans from smoking in public spaces, the Qatar government also banned the importation, selling and use of e-cigarettes in the country. Qatar crafted this law in 2014.

Violators of the law mentioned above will be sentenced to three months behind bars and fined QAR 10,000 (around £2,400) for the crime.

No Fornication

Fans have criticized the Qatar government for imposing a strict rule prohibiting unmarried lovers from quenching their ‘thirst’- known as making love in Hollywood romantic movies.

The State also prohibited couples from kissing, which is punishable by a heavy fine and imprisonment.

Shaking hands with Qatari women is also prohibited; this gesture is deemed culturally disrespectful in the country.

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