Ndinyengeiwo skit maker Lorraine Guyo now wants a baby

The actress told H-Metro yesterday that her photograph, circulating on social media in which she appears to be pregnant, was being misinterpreted by the public.

She is yet to have a baby and the one she sometimes posts on her pages is her brother’s child.

“I am not pregnant although I wish to have a baby, like any other woman,” said Lorraine.

“That tummy is from eating much sadza and it’s not pregnancy as some have suggested.

“I never claimed that I was pregnant when I posted the photograph.

“My lover is the one who was touching my stomach as we anticipated that any day I will conceive and be blessed with a baby.

“Some were quick to suggest that the face of my lover was hidden assuming that he is a married man.

Lorraine Guyo

“He is single and I do not want to date a married man since it will have negative effects.

“I once fell in love with one and upon discovering that he was married I called it quits.

Varume vevanhu vanopa munyama sezvo madzimai avo anenge achishungurudzika nezvako,” she said.

Lorraine, an ardent follower of Zvishamiso Zvevapositori Church, said her lover was media shy.

“My lover is scared of being published but he will be known when time permits.

Munhu wangu haasi weumwe munhu,” said Lorraine.

The third born in a family of two boys and two girls, Lorraine runs a shop that sells hair pieces.

The 23-year-old actress said her reason for giving false age on her Facebook Page was meant to lure one of the guys she admired.

Ndakaisa age isiriyo paFacebook page nekuti ndaida kunyepera mumwe mukomana wandaida zvangu,” she said.

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