Mysterious fire guts siblings’ homes

A TRELAWNY man and his sister had their four grass-thatched huts razed to the ground, at different intervals by a mysterious fire, which started from nowhere.

The unfortunate incident, which occurred in the wee hours of Saturday and Tuesday last week, at Cloncila Village, has left the community in disbelief.

The owner of the gutted homestead, Simon Simon, 49, told H-Metro he was yet to come to terms with what caused the mysterious fire.

“One could not see where the fire started.

“I called for help from my neighbours who reacted swiftly and we started to extinguish the fire with buckets of water,” he said.

Simon said the fire was so intense they had to stock a lot of water containers for them to be able to put it off.

“We fetched water from a nearby dam and all those who were rendering help stayed with me.

“Everyone was now alert because of the mysterious fire.

“One hut, after another, would catch fire. The mysterious fire even burnt my ground nuts which were in the granary,” added Simon.

He said what surprised him the most was that his granary was far away from the huts, but the ground nuts caught fire.

“We started to remove all the thatched grass from the burnt huts.  All of a sudden, my granary was on fire,” said Simon.

He said on Sunday morning, at around 8am, his bedroom, which had not been affected the previous day, also caught fire.

“I asked my neighbours to remove all the property that was inside to a safer place.

“The people from the village, including those from my church, played a pivotal role in extinguishing the fire.

“I am still to come to terms with what happened. There was no one inside the house.

“Even the children were not around. I am at a loss of words to what has befallen me.

“On Tuesday, in the morning, that is when my sister’s kitchen also caught this mysterious fire.

“She lives some distance from my homestead,” he added.

His sister’s husband, John Milanzi, told H-Metro they were sleeping at his in-laws when the fire started.

“I helped my father-in-law to move his property to the tobacco grading house.

“They are now staying with us after the fire incident.

“While they were at a stream, one of the young girls screamed that the kitchen had caught fire.

“I was busy harvesting my ground nuts, I then called my neighbours who came and extinguished the fire.”

A neighbour who helped extinguish the fire, Dammon Philemon, told H-Metro that it was the first time in his life to have such an experience.

“I have never come across such an incident. This is my first time to see fire burning huts from nowhere,” said Philemon.

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