Multitudes throng anti-sanctions solidarity march

Hordes of people have thronged the anti-sanctions solidarity march at the United States Embassy in Harare, calling for the immediate removal of the illegal embargo.

There is a hive of activity with people from all walks of life engaging in various activities as singing, chanting slogans, dancing while others are holding placards in protest of the sanctions.

Participating citizens are clad in various attires including the national dress, Zanu PF party regalia, overall suits inscribed with anti-sanctions messages.

Political Actors Dialogue members are also in attendance in solidarity with the removal of the sanctions.

Anti-sanctions commemorations are being held in most African countries as progressive nations join hands in calling for the removal of the illegal embargoes.

Taking the campaign to the people, a commemoration gala will be held tonight in the populous town of Chitungwiza where the country’s crème de la artists will be performing.

The Anti- Sanctions Day is being held under the theme, “Enhancing Zimbabwe’s Resilience through Economic Development and Engagement and Re-engagement”.

President Mnangagwa has been the driving force behind the re-engagement drive and has maintained that dialogue and re-engagement is the only way.

The European Union this year removed some top Government officials from its sanctions list.

The decision to review sanctions against Zimbabwe became the first since former colonial power Britain, which drummed up support for the sanctions initially imposed in 2002 formally withdrew from the EU.

Sanctions against Zimbabwe have been piled on since 2001, following the Government’s successful land reform programme of repossessing land from minority white farmers for redistribution to the landless indigenous Zimbabweans.

Ever since, Western countries have launched repeated sanctions that have led to the suffering of the majority of Zimbabwe’s citizens.

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