Mozambican ‘mini-skirt’ pastor to open ladies of the night’ church in Lusaka

VICI Wadim, the Mozambique youth pastor who was in 2017 heavily criticized by some Zambians for trying to justify her skimpy dressing says she will be in Lusaka this July to launch a ministry exclusively for prost!tutes.

In July of 2017, Pastor Wadim who is also a singer and beautician was in Zambia on a Charity tour to some communities in the outskirts of Lusaka.

She was among several pastors and charity workers brought into the country by Christian Aid, an international Christian organization.

But she also received a serious backlash from Zambian Christians over her provocative dressing which she justified saying God was more interested in the state of her heart and not what she was wearing.

She went on to say that Africans should be the last people to talk about short dresses.

“You see, not too long ago, our forefathers used to walk around nearly na.ked. No one raised an issue with that. But today, even when I am fully clothed the way I am, I hear people say ‘you are tempting people.’ That is not my problem. The only reason those people feel tempted when they see me dressed this way is because they have corrupt minds. And it is that corrupt mind which we need to work on as pastors,” she told The Church Newspaper.

On Monday, she emailed this newspaper and announced that she will be in Zambia next month to finalise the setting up of a ministry for prost!tutes.

It is not clear if the Immigration department will allow her to enter the country again.

-Church newspaper

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