Mother of 19 Announces 20th Pregnancy – All With Different Fathers

Mother of 19 Announces 20th Pregnancy – All With Different Fathers – Martha, a woman from Medellin, Colombia, who already has 19 children, is now pregnant with her twentieth child and has no intention of stopping.

At just 39 years old, Martha wants to keep having children until her body physically cannot conceive anymore, even if she does not know who the father is.

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She receives financial support from the government for her children, with seventeen of them being under 18 years old. In fact, Martha views her role as a mother as a business venture. However, the money she receives from the government barely covers the expenses of raising and caring for her children, leading her to seek help from the local church and neighbours.

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Though Martha receives around $510 from the Colombian government each month to care for her children, her eldest children receive $76, while the youngest are allotted $30.50 each.

Despite the challenges that come with raising so many children, Martha says she will continue to have more until her “body doesn’t allow it” and her current children grow up.

Nevertheless, the small three-bedroom house where they live provides a challenging environment to raise children, with the eldest sleeping on the sofa, and Martha admits that she struggles at times to provide them adequate meals on a limited budget.

Despite the challenges she faces, Martha believes having children is profitable, given the financial support she receives per child, and her attitude suggests that she sees childbearing as a source of income, rather than a vocation.


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