Mjolo Gone Wrong: Heartbroken Zimbabwe Men Who Have Been Dribbled By Their Wives Or Lovers Share Their Tales Of Woe

Zimbabwean men have opened up on the times when they were left heartbroken after they were dribbled by their wives, lovers or significant others.

Many of the men narrated how their lives had seemingly come crashing down after they realised that the loves of their lives had been cheating on them.

Many men seemed eager to share their tales of woe, given how quickly they responded to a question shared by Zimbabwe social media personality and cyber-aunt Tete Fadzie.

Tete Fadzie wrote,

To those men who have been cheated on by their partners/spouses kindly share how it affected you, please feel free to share anonymously via the link below.


Below are some of the responses by Zimbabwean men on how they had been left heartbroken after their wives and lovers cheated on them.


Hi Fadzi It was 2020 lockdown,was dating this girl and I can almost tell that our relationship was falling out because she once sent me dirty screenshots by mistake. It was her ex boyfriend and I forgave her after a lengthy deliberation on the matter. It happened that she made a trip to Bulawayo and she’d not told me. She lied to me that she had gone with her uncle but her friend I was talking to forwarded me their convo,it was an old madala she’d gone with. Aitoudza friend yake kuti haaa rega tihure, achazongondiroora futi. We broke up later on,but didn’t let her know that I knew what her friend showed me. I don’t trust easily and i take time to commit to someone nowadays.


Akanditi ndiri kuda mari paWeekend yekuenda kunyaradzo yaSekuru wake wakashaika the past months. Semunhu anonzwisisa ndakamupa. She called me the following day achiti Happie ndazobudirira kuenda. Yaiwe Sat, I visited Bronte Hotel ndichida kusangana nemabhururu angu. Chinoda kufa chinowingira, pandakabuda ndichienda kuchimbudzi wanike mhai nhiya vakagara pamakumbo kekamwe kamudhara kane katumbu kunge hari yakasungirwa pachitsiga. Kana nekuchimbuzi handina kuzosvika sezvo ndakabva ndangozvirasira mvura mubhurukwa.


Hi. So this story is from a few years back when I was by UZ. I had been with this girl since 1st year and we had never had penetrative s*x because she didn’t want to get pregnant. It was just fingering and stuff up till end of 2.2 when we did it but she didn’t like and we agreed to never do it again which was ok coz ndaimuda. She was in res in Swinton at that time and I was renting muMount Pleasant mucottage yagarden boy so I couldn’t invite her over, we would just chill in her room. Then 1 day I went to her room without letting her know coz I wanted to surprise her with some snacks I had bought kuBridge Spar on a Friday night. Before I had even reached her door to knock, I could hear moaning and loud slapping sounds. I stood padoor for 15 minutes ndichingonzwa pwa pwa nonstop and loud moaning. I honestly started tearing up and couldn’t sum the courage to knock. I collected myself and went downstairs and started calling her from there but aisadaira phone. I waited for about 40 minutes till around inter-res yakupera. Then I saw her walking out with this muscular dude who was kinda famous because of gym and balling pacampus. She was surprised but she quickly introduced him as her friend and said he had come to borrow some notes. I just gave her kaplastic kemasnacks and walked out and I never ever talked to that girl ever again. I will never heal from that.


Hi tete, It was in 2014 I had a birthday and sis promised to take me out, she spoiled me indeed but with whose money? I later realized (after going to Econet to enquire transaction statement ndichit my money just disappered) kuti sis took my phone send herself money from my ecocash, deleted the messages and bought me a good dinner. Also realized I was dropping her off to the “uncle” who is now the hubby, found out all this at once, I was suicidal. Guys mababe haasi hama dzenhu

I was dating this girl for 2 years. 1st time she cheated she would lie that the guy was her cousin. She’d go see him and he’d give her flowers and gifts and they’d post each other at times and I just thought they were close cousins. One day I searched for him on IG only to see pics of him and her with romantic captions. She confessed they were dating on the side and I Forgave her after she cried and promised to leave him. Fast forward, Went on a holiday together in Europe. Whilst on holiday she would sneak out in the middle of the night and hook up with guys she met online. Only noticed when I woke up one day and she was smelling of alcohol. Went through her phone and saw messages with some Nigerian men she had slept with. Imagine!! On a holiday I had paid for. Found out she was pregnant and if the child was not mine then cool but if it was mine I wasn’t gonna have a child who’s been bathing in other men’s semen. She got an abortion and i disappeared and spent the next 5 years single. It was so traumatic I didn’t wanna make a mistake like that again.

Hie Fadzie in 2020 i dated a lady who was 3 months Pregnant and she told me that the the owner of the child died in a car Accident. We started dating and everything was going on smoothly i made sure she had preparation for the baby and cater for hospital bills within 3 months we started co habiting and i didn’t have problem with that. One day she told me she lied that the father was dead and that his alive and she no longer love him and that he was abusive.Cutting the long story short when the Preg was 9 months old, about to give birth she just woke up one day saying that she returning to the father of her child, thats when i recognized that they have been talking behind my back. Since then i don’t trust any woman an more.

Hi TF. Dated this amazing girl whilst was a med student at UZ. Gotta admit that things were tough for me as a student those days but she was there for me,understanding, very supportive even sometimes financially since she was already working..Had never met someone close to perfection as her and was deeply in love. Fast forward, she started giving pressure as she wanted to get married and settle but I wasn’t ready, hadn’t finished school, not employed and even if I had wasn’ ready for marriage. Things took a drastic change from there and I felt I was losing her. One weekend she visited her parents in Kadoma and on a Monday her sister posted pictures of her marriage with another guy from her church.Was shocked and I couldn’t find the courage to ask, was even blocked. I thought I would go over it with time but it’s been years and haven’t healed.. Got my life in order and a good job but Am still hurt and broken.

Hi TF, Im a broken man bcz of my ex. We had been dating for 4years, met her aunt planing to get married. She was kuCUT then and I was based in Hre. Would do literally everything for her as i had well paying job. On one of her visits, we went to church together, she forget her handbag and gave me her 2 phones to put in my pockets, after church dropped her off by her moms place and she forgot the kambudzi phone with me. As i got home (which was abt 5mins drive from hers) she called asking if i could bring the kambudzi, got me suspicious that a not so busy phone could be demanded so urgently and i checked it out. Apparently she was dating a married man. Call logs, msgs were full with this guys number and work place. This guy even knew abt me and would ask when im with her and not with her. They slept together on his visits to Chinhoyi. I confronted her and she said she dsnt know what came over her to do that. I tried to forgive but couldnt let go so i left the relationship. It hurt me that up to now i cant fully trust. its been 3 yrs now but it hurts like it happened yesterday. Its the ones who look innocent and that you do everything for that will hurt you the most, be careful out there gents.

Was married to this girl for 6 years and have 2 kids. Some workmate of hers started a rumour that she was cheating with her boss. I defended her and didnt believe it, I was convinced it was not the case. A year later we separated for other issues, mainly family issues. She later came back and we slept together 3 times after she left as we were trying to get back together. She is now dating that boss and recently told me she was HIV positive. I got tested, came back negative. I dont know if I will ever trust any woman again. I loved her and still do but after everything thats happened, I’m forcing myself to forget her. I just started therapy last week.

Was in SA finishing university and we had dated almost 6 years. She had moved to Zim to further her education A level. She then started seeing some dude who seemed to have figured out his life and started . When I finished varsity to go to Zim and start a life she told me she was tired of me crying that things are not well yet when she wanted to get married. She moved back to SA and I started looking for work. She became soo cold and when I suggested we break up she was soo quick to say I thought you would never ask that’s when I realised ndanga ndakarambwa kare and discovered she was doubling me. Fast forward 2 years, was now a brand name career booming 3 years got my first car, 4 years happily married and a dad. She is still not married and got in touch regretting leaving. The guy she cheated me with dumbed her zvisina kana PO Box anga akutoti I want closure iye akandiita same. I just said Karma is alive shame. Kwauri ikoko sha itsva hako ndave mbinga yemunhu.


2016 the year i will never forget. Been dating this girl for about 3 years and all introductions and necessary arrangements made for marriage. 1st red flag is when i bought her a new fon and she gave me her old X2 cz ndaida kutamba magame aive in that fon so shasha yakangondipa isina kuclear her chats n staff. I went thru chat yake na best friend wake and damn zvandainzi im the second guy she slpt with wanike ndogona kutosvika kuma 6 ikoko i asked her abt it kti its non of my buz wat u did b4 me n i ddnt even ask u abt it but ndiwe wega wakangotanga kneaded kti im ur second she asked for forgivness tikaregererana cz it happened way before me. She then said arikuenda ku Hwange kunoona her relatives but her best friend uya called me up akanditi u seem lyk a nice guy so i will b honest w u ur girl akaenda for one last ride romp kuna ex wake in Hwange go pa fb page yake and she gave me name re the guy kunditi go pa fb page yake also zvandikaona ipapoka broke my heart and trusting is now a big issue for me. Im now married with 2 beautiful kids but i feel sorry for my wife not that i want to be insecure but i just cant help it im not violent at all and handisat ndambotuka my wife but somehow my insecurities affect my marriage.


Dated mwana before college in 2011, she was at Nust and was at Buse. 4 years went by and everyone home knew her. Before graduation, mwana akawana temporary teaching in Mutoko and would assist in the process. 2 weeks mwana aenda network yakatanga kunetsa and was somehow told there is guy on T.P asking me out apa he has a g.f. As she was preparing for graduation, she came to Hre so some processes. Nigga called ndine mwana and happeake 2 steps forward so that i give her privacy. Overhead mwana achiapologizer and it got me worried kuti who is apologizing to. Later i asked for her phone wnting to snoop. Realised it was the T. P nigga, the call log was full of their calls and WhatsApp had other deleted parts. Shit broke me when i Realised they were cohabitating kutemporary teaching ikoko. It messed me up,


Had been with her for 6 years and married for 5. Came to zim on holiday with some fones we wanted to give away to family. I don’t know wat pushed me for the 1st time in 6 years to go through her fone but I did one night while she was sleeping. Only to find her nudes to another guy and chats that showed they had been meeting up for over 2 years. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I just woke her up and gave her the fone then walked out. Due to pressures from church we tried to make it work for about 5 months and the irony of it is during that 5 months she got pregnant. In the end I was there for my little girl but we divorced and we are now coparenting peacefully. I am not bitter nor do I blame or make other women pay. She hurt me and it was her who lost out. I am in a relationship with an amazin: lady and I trust her . That’s life. But to be honest for 8 months I was depressed and always on the edge.


Hi yangu yakaipa manje we had met when both of us where still having fun then we decided haa lets get serious and stop having fun. I went to work in Afghanistan iye haan kusiya chihure hake my friend is the one who discovered it after ndabhadhara roora and paid deposit for wedding venue which was nesbit castle, i discovered all this when i was away in afghan haa it was the hard and i cried day and night only after 3 months did i stop crying each and ever.


Hi Tete, been dating this girl for almost a year now. Pese apa she was refusing to have s*x with me achiti ivirgin akamirira kuroorwa first. Last Sunday I paid her a visit unannounced ndikamubata red handed achi cheater. Ndakasvika padoor pake ndichida kuti ndinoke wanike pachibuda tumasounds twunoitika when people are having oral s*x. I even concluded that at that moment she was probably sucking dick. Ndaitovanzwa vachitaura vachiseka though I couldn’t hear hangu kuti vaitii. After a while ndakazongotanga kunzwa mabutt claps ari loud chaiwo ndikabva ndaziva kuti yanwa. They f*cked for almost 15mins ndakamira hangu padoor ndichiterera ndobva ndazotanga kuknocker door. Ndakamuona hangu achidongorera nepahwindo and they went silent vakaramba kuvhura door. For some reason I was composed enough to collect my L ndikabva ndatanga hangu kufamba ndichienda. This whole week she’s been bombarding me with whatsapp messages & voice notes from new numbers but ndirikumublocker. At some point I picked up her call and she broke down achiti kuti it was a mistake. She claimed kuti things escalated very quickly between him and the other guy and she got caught up in the moment asingazive zvaanga achiita. I’m numb Tete I’m numb I now resent vakadzi zvekutodaro.

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