Mixed Emotions As Jah Prayzah Goes All Out In Support Of Nyaradzo

Multi-award-winning contemporary musician, Jah Prayzah has evoked mixed emotions after he went all out in support of funeral service giant, Nyaradzo.

Nyaradzo is currently in the eye of a public relations storm after disgruntled Zimbabweans took to social media to share their negative experiences with the service.

Some claimed that Nyaradzo funeral policies are a scam because they never mature or pay their holders any cash back.

They suggested that Nyaradzo review the terms and conditions in order to provide clients with greater benefits.

However, amidst the fiasco, Jah Prayzah took to his Facebook giving props to Nyaradzo.

“Cheers to those who find solutions  Cheers to those who do not find problems and just sit  Cheers to those willing get burdens off people’s shoulders  Cheers to those who stand with us in times of grief and also in times of fun  These are the true Sahwiras  Thank you Sahwira Mukuru  Nyaradzo Group,”  Jah Prayzah wrote on his Facebook.

Reacting to this post, some fans could not help but remind him how much of a scam Nyaradzo is while some grabbed the opportunity to share bad experiences with the service provider.

Anne Khabi

Nyaradzo iri kubira ruzhinji rwevanhu , hakuna sahwira akadaro it’s high time they revise their terms some of us takaonera robbery kudhara and got other policies instead which are much better

Wilbert Mapa

Ndakaenda kunobhadhara kuseni ndokuwana machines offline, after 1 hour ndokudzokera ndikanzi account yalapser mototanga patsva.Hapana husahwira apo

Fadzi Mubayi

As brand ambassador we Nyaradzo taurai nevakuru kuti Nyaradzo sasahwira mukuru ngaamire avige mwana chero azviuraya anoda kurambira ani ari iye sahwira

Angela Ngoyi

Dai ma tobatsirana ku creator another package, arcodding to peoples grievences.. Reward those who pay well for a long time…. Sawhira haavanze zvazviri.. Simukai mufambe pamuri hapasi pekuzorora


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