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Missing student: Startling details emerge

ST Mathias (Tsonzo) High School learner, Livingstone Sunhwa (19) who disappeared after he was allegedly linked to a break-in at the school’s tuck-shop once went missing for two days from Tekwane High School in Plumtree and was located in Tsholotsho as he was enroute to Bulawayo on foot, The Manica Post can reveal.

Investigations conducted by The Manica Post revealed that the school authorities at Tekwane High School had to drive Livingstone back to school where he was later caught stealing food from the school kitchen, thereby leading to his expulsion from the institution.

His parents later enrolled him as a Form Three learner at St Mathias High School in Mutasa until his disappearance from the school on December 5, 2021, when he allegedly broke into the institution’s tuckshop and stole some goodies that were later found tucked under his bed.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Nobert Muzondo revealed that before disappearing on December 5th, Livingstone left his cellphone in the school dormitory.

The police managed to retrieve the messages he sent to a school mate announcing his departure.

Inspector Muzondo said Livingstone hinted that he was leaving to start a new life somewhere else, adding that there is a possibility that he (Livingstone) could be outside the country or could have committed suicide.

“Investigations carried out revealed that the wanted/missing person was once a leaner at Tekwane High School, Plumtree from 2018-2019 where he did Form One and Two,” said Inspector Muzondo.

“There is clear evidence of shoeprints as well as the recovered groceries positively linking the wanted person to the commission of the offence at St Mathias (Tsonzo) High School.

“Livingstone was then picked by the police for interviews and was later released into the custody of the school authorities where he later went missing from the school on December 5, 2021. However, before disappearing, the accused person left his cellphone in the school dormitory from which evidence of communication indicate that he last communicated with a school mate indicating that he was proceeding somewhere to start a new life.

“The wanted/missing indicated that “he wasn’t going anywhere specifically but was just disappearing from this life and was starting something new elsewhere. Selina Tadya (Livingstone’s mother) is aware of this since she is in the custody of the cellphone which was left by her son,” said Inspector Muzondo.

Inspector Muzondo added: “Judging from that last text message on Livingstone’s cellphone, he could have disappeared to a new place outside the country or could have committed suicide fearing the shame that he had brought upon himself after committing the offence.”


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