Meet Uncle Roland Richest Zim Blesser and How He Acquired His Wealthy

The Rags to Riches Story Of Zimbabwean Blesser Uncle Roland; Here Is How He Made His Millions

Zimbabwean blesser Uncle Roland is synonymous with lavish living and sheer opulence in South Africa.

He hosts expensive parties in yachts and invites bevvies of beautiful girls, sipping expensive champagnes.

After laying low for a while, Uncle Roland bounced back recently and South African men were scurrying to hide their girlfriends so he does not steal them.


Yacht party
Zimbabwean Blesser Uncle Roland [Image: Instagram]

Life has not always been glitzy and luxurious for the blesser. Uncle Roland’s rags to riches story is stunning.

He was born Isheanesu Rolen Muchegwa in 1969 in the mining town of Zvishavane in Zimbabwe.

His father, who worked for the meat processor Cold Storage Commission, moved to the capital Harare and managed to send Roland to a top school.

He learnt there until he was in Form 3 (Grade 10) and he was expelled for placing a maths set compass on a teacher’s chair so it pricks their bum.


Zimbabwean Blesser Uncle Roland
Zimbabwean Blesser Uncle Roland [Image: Buzz SA]

Roland then moved to a government school,  Mukai Primary School, in a high-density suburb called Highfield.

Buzz South Africa reports that Roland was intelligent in school but very naughty.  He could also speak five languages.

After school, Roland got a job at an insurance company.  However, he took his naughty nature into the world and it caught up with him.

He got involved in a marijuana deal and was caught and jailed for two years.


Zimbabwean Blesser Uncle Roland
Zimbabwean Blesser Uncle Roland [Image: Facebook]

After serving time, Roland started all over again, weighed down by a nasty criminal record.

It was now difficult for him to get a formal job again, considering that he had been arrested for drug possession.

Roland then started importing and reselling second-hand clothes. Zimbabweans buy clothes in Mozambique coming from Europe and the United States, then resale them.

Being the hustler that he is, Roland was persistent in making ends meet. He then met Victor Mereki, a fuel dealer,  who introduced him to the petroleum business.

That’s when real money started streaming in.


Zimbabwean Blesser Uncle Roland
Zimbabwean Blesser Uncle Roland with the late Ginimbi [Image: Instagram]

He expanded his businesses and got to supply government departments in Zimbabwe and other SADC countries.

Now, Uncle Roland owns nightclubs,  transportation, fuel and mining businesses.

The Zimbabwean blesser owns an eye-dropping mansion and a fleet of top-of-the-range vehicles.

To top it off,  he is the king of lavish parties in South Africa.

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