Masvingo-based Themba Gorimbo secures historical win at UFC Vegas

Masvingo-based Themba Gorimbo secures historical win at UFC Vegas – Themba Gorimbo gained popularity within the MMA community for his connection to Dwayne Johnson, and his inspirational story has garnered attention throughout the space.

‘The Rock’ even gifted him a house as a kind gesture. Goribo recently fought Pete Rodriguez at UFC Vegas 85, where he knocked him out in the first round to secure a win.

During his post-fight interview, Goribo expressed his huge ambition of becoming a UFC champion in 2024.

He fearlessly called out the current welterweight champion, Leon Edwards, and also predicted that Shavkat Rakhmonov would soon hold the championship title. Goribo’s words showcase his confidence and determination to succeed within the sport.

Themba Gorimbo is a rising welterweight prospect in the UFC who dreamt of becoming a world champion. Though he has had only three fights in the promotion, he expressed extreme confidence and called his shots during a recent speech. In addition, he also spoke about his charitable works, inspiring others to give back.

I want to fight the baddest guys and I want to become a champion in 2024. I'm here to win and become the champion in 2024, whether its Leon (Edwards) or (Shavkat) Rakhmonov, it doesn't matter. I'm going to beat them.

Themba Gorimbo via UFC Vegas 85

Gorimbo’s UFC debut in 2023 was not a happy beginning as he lost via submission in round two. But he bounced back with a win in his next fight against Takeshi Sato. His most recent victory came in UFC Vegas 85, where he produced a stunning knockout, cementing his status as a talented welterweight prospect on the rise. While it is still a long road to the title, Gorimbo’s relentless pursuit and impressive skills make him a notable fighter to keep an eye on in the UFC.

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Themba Gorimbo is a promising fighter from Zimbabwe who competes in the UFC. He secured his first UFC win against Takeshi Sato last year, and during his post-fight interview, he opened up about the challenges he faced on his journey to the promotion. His emotional story caught the attention of WWE legend and Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson, who generously offered financial assistance. In a kind gesture, Johnson later surprised Gorimbo with a beautiful new house in Miami. The gift was a touching display of support for the rising MMA fighter.

We’ve never met but I had to fly to Miami to look this man @TheAnswerMMA in the eyes, hug him and shake his hand. I’ve been moved & motivated by his story ❤️

He recently won his first fight in the @ufc.

He had $7 bucks in his bank account when he won.

He sleeps on a couch in…

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) July 27, 2023

Dwayne Johnson was deeply moved by Themba Gorimbo’s story, which reminded him of his own journey. When Gorimbo revealed that he had only $7 in his bank account, Johnson decided to help him out by buying him a house near his gym in Miami. Johnson also spoke about the struggles Gorimbo faced before securing his first UFC win, sharing heartwarming scenes of their meeting on X.

In a recent fight at UFC Vegas 85, Gorimbo emerged victorious and expressed his desire to win the UFC title soon. However, his aspirations go beyond his career, as he also dreams of giving back to his native village and people through various charity activities, which he funds from his own pocket. Gorimbo’s commitment to both his career and his community serves as an inspiration for many.


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