Man storms church, attacks Pastor for bedding his wife (VIDEO)

A German-based Ghanaian man has stormed the premises of a Ghanaian-owned church to confront the pastor for allegedly having an affair with his wife.

According to the commentary in the video, the accused pαstor leads a congregation at the Faith Pentecostal Ministries in Frankfurt.

The enraged husband caused a scene when he stormed the Church and interrupted the Sunday Service verbally attacking the so-called man of God for hiding behind the cloak of doing God’s work and sleeping with his wife.

The altercation was captured on camera showing some church members shielding the pastor from embarrassment.

The man of God was swift to avoid the camera as he took refuge in a closed room.

Watch the video below:

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  1. There’s no video here, its not the first time your site posts videos that are unplayable.
    Please put videos on top, not behind ads. Kindly make your platform legit, it’s starting to look like a scam to attract reader attention

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