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Man commits suicide after gay affair is exposed

A KWEKWE man committed suicide at his home in Mbizo, just one month after his wedding.

Tinashe Kasamba is believed to have taken a poisonous substance to kill himself.

He left behind his wife Belma, just a month after their wedding.

Reports say Kasamba decided to kill himself after he was caught in a compromising position with a male companion.

“This guy had been having problems with his wife so, when they reconciled, he decided to wed with her but she was not aware that he was gay.

“He was ‘in love’ with his friend so when the wife came back into the picture, he started having pressure from both sides.

Tinashe and wife BELMA

“His friend needed attention and his wife needed attention as well, so the pressure became so unbearable.

“He was then caught sleeping with his friend and he decided to commit suicide because he did not have courage to face the world after the incident,” said the source, who chose to remain anonymous.

Other reports indicate he had accumulated debts to cover wedding expenses.

The deceased did not leave behind any suicide note.

Contacted for comment, Midlands provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko, said he was yet to receive the report from the Kwekwe office.

“I am yet to receive the report, but I will check and get back to you,” said Insp Mahoko.


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  1. Yet again we have lost another life. Today I’m going to be talking about the death (suicide) of the late Tinashe Kasamba. Even today I’m still wondering till when are we going to lose all these lives over something that’s not gonna change. We can fight for our rights, we fall in love with made sacrifices. Fighting for a change ,we have tried all of us just to make Zimbabwe a better place for queer man, but in vain we keep losing our queer Young people.
    Yes he committed suicide ,we have to question him somehow ,but still he didn’t have any choice left within him. How was he going to say he’s gonna choose the truth in front of this hateful community, with these people full of hate. And how were they going to accept him, he considered all those ,then he saw that it was just pointless the only option that he had ,was only to take his life. We are so tired we need our voices to be heard ,we need to be heard. We need to be realised and recognised that we exist and live at the same time, we are there as well. We are also human, we want our rights as well. The hateful community is judging him for all these rumours that has been happening, regarding his wedding: some of them they say that he was scared of the debts that he accumulated during his wedding, but still that’s not the point at all. No one can actually kill themselves because they owe a lot of money.
    Because they are not ready to accept it, they find excuses to cover up everything that that is associated with QUEER life. In my opinion there were two sides of the story but they chose to stick to the story that doesn’t actually apply these that are perfect for the media and eyes of the world; he chose to kill himself because he didn’t want to face the truth of taking the responsibilities of both his partners. That’s not the point at all he died because of a hateful community, he died because he was scared that he will be prosecuted for being a QUEER man.
    People are scared to live their own lives, they are scared to live as queer.
    Will this nightmare end ,I’m not even sure of what should be done.
    I am speaking for all the LGBTQ community, I am speaking for the voiceless.I am speaking for the underprivileged and depressed out there, we need to be considered as well. We need to be protected as human beings as well. We need our families to protect us .
    Being a gay man or an MSM it doesn’t actually mean you don’t want a family, you can be an MSM but still want a family, but still want an offspring, still we can’t actually say our truth; actually we have to hide everything just for the sake of the “COMMUNITY”, because we are scared of being judged ,we are scared of being prosecuted and therefore we are forced to do things that hurt other people, like getting married to someone while as you know that you just want a family. You can bond with that person but at the end of the day, it’s not our fault it’s our situation that force us to do so.
    To be heard we need a change the way of doing things,we need to change the system,we can’t be losing lives just because of those stupid religions that actually prosecute humanity. At least for the sake of humanity people, try and understand for the sake of your cultures, people are dying. You all are trying to maintain your culture, your norms and whatever you call it, but you are not realising the biggest mistakes of your lives that you are doing. Humanity is being neglected, despite how you identify.
    I’m speaking for the future generations to come, I do want a community to live  freely without the fear of being prosecuted on the streets ,without the fear that someone is gonna neglect me or point a finger at me.
    Today I call out to all zimbabweans I call out to all Young and energetic queer man, we need to take action we need to create an environment even if it’s not for us ,but for the next generation: we need a change.
    This is a prayer for me today a prayer for a soul that is been lost may his soul RIP, wherever you are Tinashe Kasamba know that we gonna find a change, we gonna try and make sure that we don’t lose another soul. Once again may your soul rest in peace, no one reached you in time to save you, no one reached out to talk to you. People don’t actually care of what we go through day-to-day, but we are fighting for a change, there is gonna be a change; once again rest in peace.
    And the other thing as well, within the community we have to protect each other. We have to protect each other’s truths ,we’ll have to make sure to have each other’s backs especially for those that are having secret affairs due to family pressure. Someone can actually get married, then still in a relationship with you at the same time just because of the messed up system. Until we find the solution, we need to protect each other, we need to have a guarantee amongst ourselves that we are safe. We need to protect each other .
    We know that at some point it’s actually hard to share someone or what so ever, but still they also have feelings they think about it as well. We should know that they also want that one of the days they could stick to you, but still there’s nothing that you can do we need to protect each other from this hateful community, this homophobic community, this transphobic community. They are just full of hate, we need to make them realise that we are also human beings we are going to take a stand against the hate.

    Dedicated to the late Tinashe Kasamba
    By Thabo Ronson

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