Makhadzi and Master KG age difference will shock you

Age difference between Makhadzi and Master KG

Mzansi netizens have taken to social media to debate Master KG and Makhadzi’s age. The Limpopo-born musicians are both 26 but South Africans do not believe it. The majority of the tweeps have shared they believe that both the stars are older than that.

The duo has been serving us couples goals, going on expensive baecations, and supporting each other’s careers. Shockingly, the couple is almost the same age. Makhadzi and Master KG were born in the same year, 1996 but in different months. Master KG was born on 31 January 1996; on the other hand, Makhadzi was born on 30 June 1996. The couple has an age difference of five months.

Makhadzi and Master KG are one of the long-standing couples in Mzansi; however, their relationship has its ups and downs, just like any other relationship. In 2020 the couple made headlines after they separated to focus on their careers. Taking to his Instagram, the Jerusalema hitmaker Master KG announced that they had separated to achieve their dreams.

“We are still young, and we still need to achieve big things. I hope everyone understands and respects that. I am no longer going to answer anything related to this. Thanks.”

The two then decided to be friends and aim at their careers. Being friends made them realise they still have strong feelings for each other, and they announced that they reconciled as they celebrated Master KG’s birthday. Makhadzi then shared a heart-felting message on her Instagram to confirm that the two are soulmates and they can’t live without each other.

“When you are lucky to have the best man in the world whom you love and who loves you in return, it becomes a sin to ask more from God. Happy birthday, my love @masterkgsa”

Fast forward, Master KG, who broke Makhadzi’s virg!n, introduced her to his mother, and marriage may be on the cards.

In 2020, during Covid-19 lockdown days, while hitmaker Master KG was out there collecting accolades, Makhadzi, was equally busy, letting South Africa and whoever cared to listen, that Master KG is the her “virginity-breaker” and that he totally deserves those awards.

The couple has been enjoying their relationship going on expensive baecations and spoiling each other rotten. The couple recently released a collaboration song titled Kulakwe, which has half a million views on YouTube.

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