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Life Imitating Art: Actress To Become A Sangoma In Real-life?

Talk about life imitating art….  It looks like Durban Gen actress Nelisiwe Sibiya is going to be sangoma in real-life.

Nelisiwe Sibiya who portrays the role of a sangoma and medical doctor on Durban Gen as Dr Mbali Mthethwa is contemplating becoming a sangoma.

Speaking during an interview with the Daily Sun about her ancestral calling, the actress revealed that she is still deciding whether she should become a sangoma or not.

The actress opened up about how her own mother trained to become a sangoma but left to become a christian after she graduated.She claims that she is now paying the price after her mother disowned her ancestral calling.


My mother went to train to become a sangoma. She graduated but left it all and became a Christian. Now, I’m paying the price,” Nelisiwe said.

Speaking on her current character role, Nelisiwe said that her storyline is kind of personal to her and it reminds her of her own reality.  “I really enjoyed this storyline because it reminded me of the reality I face. I also became emotional, drained and exhausted but I enjoyed it a lot. It touches me personally and opens my eyes in many ways,” she said.

Meanwhile,  Nelisiwe once hinted about her ancestral calling recently in a cryptic post.Speaking on her own ancestors, Nelisiwe Sibiya warned that if her ancestors could deal with her badly for not accepting her calling, they would probably do worse to her enemies.

“If my own Dlozi’s can nyisa me all these years for not accepting my calling, imagine what they can do to my enemies,” Nelisiwe wrote.

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