Learners Flee “Invisible Hand, Strange Snake” At School

Scores of learners ran amok at Kumalo Primary School in Bulawayo last Thursday claiming they were slapped by an invisible hand in the toilet, while some of the learners claimed to have seen a strange snake.

The incident has become a talking point on parents’ WhatsApp group, reported B-Metro.

The publication reported sources at the school as saying most of the affected pupils were between Grades 3 and 5.

It is alleged that a group of learners heard a mysterious voice shouting at them while they were near the toilet.

They fled in different directions in hysteria.  It is further claimed that thereafter some of the pupils complained of headaches while some were hallucinating.

A parent who spoke to the publication but refused to be named so as to protect their children from victimisation at the school, said:   _My child is doing Grade 5.She told me while she was in the toilet with her friend, they heard a voice forcing them to run outside and report to their class teacher.

_Today she refused to go to school claiming that she fears being attacked by the mysterious beings._  Five parents told B-Metro that their children were slapped by an invisible hand causing them to suffer hallucinations.

Another parent claimed that their child saw a snake in the toilet before it vanished inexplicably. Said the parent:  My child told me that he saw a snake while he was in the loo and when he looked at it for the second time it disappeared.

The School Development Committee chairperson Banele Jumo said he saw messages posted by parents on a WhatsApp group but was yet to get to the school to find out if the claims were true or false.

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