LATEST: Sekuru Banda speak on people who sacrifice their toes

IT’S criminal!
That’s the message from healers and herbalists who have castigated the bizarre “toes trade.”

They have issued a chilling warning to the participants that they could pay a huge price for their sacrifice.

Although sacrifices were not new in the African context, the traditional healers warned Zimbabweans against engaging in practices which they were not familiar with.

Most dealers have dismissed the claims as cheap talk.

In an interview with H-Metro, herbalist Sekuru Banda shot down people’s hopes for quick riches, through sacrifices.

“Yes, it’s possible but these are ritual sacrifices which we don’t encourage.

“Even if one is assured to get the cash instantly, after selling their toe, the danger in this is what follows.

“In my many years of practice, I have met people who were offering their body parts as sacrifice, but I declined because I know the consequences,” said Sekuru Banda.

He encouraged people to work hard.

Our people must learn to work with their hands and God will bless their sweat. They should go to school, get skills and earn a good living rather than believing in short-cuts,” he said.

Sekuru Kafera echoed similar sentiments, urging people to shun ritual sacrifices.

“Our law of practice doesn’t allow us to accept anything in exchange for such sacrifices, this is pure witchcraft and blood will be spilled.

“Anyone who is encouraging people to either offer their toes, or buy the toes, must be arrested because if they are left doing this openly, they will even demand human sacrifices.

“The Government should act on such people who are openly granting such sacrifices to members of the public,” he said.

Another sangoma, who preferred anonymity, claimed the sacrifice was deep and people must not get excited over such a dangerous act.

“No one affords the demands of a sacrifice because once you accept the cash, it means you are connected to the cult.

“More money will come, but as you enjoy it, the cult will ask for more until you lose your loved ones,” said the sangoma. H Metro

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