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Landlord says no after confused tenant asked if he will increase rent after 4 years in 2-bedroom house

After four years in an apartment, a tenant approached the landlord to find out if he’ll increase the rent for his two-bedroom self-compound house.

The tenant was confused and wanted to prepare to avoid surprises because of the most recent surge in prices of goods and properties in Ghana.

In a post sighted on the Facebook page of the social media influencer Francis Kennedy Ocloo, the tenant revealed that the current rent is R800.

”AG for four years my landlord hasn’t increased the rent. Two bedroom, self compound in the capital. I’m kind of confused,” the post read.

The tenant approached the landlord to find out why the delay in increment.

”So I asked him if there will be any increment to prepare for my next yearly renewal. The landlord got back that no. He said until he adds any new things or seeks that from Rent Control or revalues the property.

”General, I think some people are not moved by money or the general flow of what everyone is doing.”

The account has generated mixed comments as some people shared their experiences. Read some of the comments compiled below:


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