Kevin Hart, Madam Boss inspire actress

UPCOMING actress, Rugare “Cyclone” Mbire, reckons she has what it takes to conquer the world.

‌  The 32-year-old, who developed passion for acting in her childhood stages, says she is ready to take her talent to the next level.

“I have been doing short comic performances on social media but my goal is to do more movies and to be an international actress,” she said.

She told H-Metro that she draws her inspiration from her family and other local and international actors.  “My family, especially my sister, inspires me a lot and also other actors like Madam Boss and Kevin Hart.“

Madam Boss and Kevin Hart have inspired me with the way they started their careers to where they are today.

“I realised nothing is impossible,” she said.Cyclone said she recently started working with famous Zimbabwean actors and she is hoping for more projects.

“I have worked with Comic Pastor and associates for a movie which is coming out soon.  “Alsom I did a television series with Patience Musa, well known as ‘Mai Jilimba’ and it’s coming soon as well,” she said.

Cyclone conceded she is facing a lot of challenges but remains hopeful she will overcome them.She believes she will live her dream of becoming one of the best stars in Zimbabwe and the world.

“It’s a tough road, it’s not easy to get followers and to be famous but I am not giving up.  “Of course, the talent is there but to get it to the world, and for people to appreciate your talent, is not easy.

“My aim is to work harder, create more content portraying day-to-day lifestyles,” she said.  Cyclone said she wishes to work with Madam Boss in the future and to do more projects with Comic Pastor.

“My wish is to work with Madam Boss and other top Zimbabwean actors.“Also, to continue working with Comic Pastor.”

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