Kenyan man buys own third coffin for death preparation

Busia County–An 87-year-old Alloise Otieng’ Ominang’ombe from Teso South Constituency in Busia County bought a new coffin which he would like to be buried after his demise.

The father of 18 revealed that the move is a deliberate effort to teach his community at large that death in inevitable and it is only wise to prepare for such unprecedented times.

Alloise Otieng’ Ominang’ombe buys own third coffin for death preparation

He disclosed that he wanted to plan his own burial that fit his status in the society and the newly purchased coffin worth ksh.58,000 had been stored at his shop in Obekei area.

Prior to this, the octogenarian separately purchased two others coffins in 2009 and 2012.

He however said he has bought the new one because the previous ones were out of fashion.

In an interview with Citizen Digital, Ominang’ombe reportedly said the initial coffins would be turned into pieces of firewood during his funeral, as the new one becomes his final resting place.

He was quoted by Tuko saying: “I want this to go as a lesson to my community at large. You may lack basic needs when you are alive. But when you die, people will slaughter bulls, buy you nice clothes and shoes yet you will be long gone. That is why I decided to plan for a send-off befitting my status in society,”

The incident has sparkled mixed reactions from members of the public with some supporting his decision for preparing for his death while others insist that it is against religion to prepare for ones own death.

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