Kenyan Man Arrested For Pretending To Be A Woman And Conning Thirsty Men

A Kenyan man has set social media ablaze after he was arrested for pretending to be a man and conning unsuspecting thirsty men.

The man was in the habit of going to nightclubs where he would then prey on unsuspecting men who would have gone there to have a good time.

As they had fun, the fake woman would ask them for money, and to impress him, the revellers would offer a lot of it.  In one video, the fake woman managed to lure an older man, and they went onto the dance floor.

The reveller was visibly having a good time with the “lady”.The pretending man wore a long dress and short black bob weave. He also wore fake bums to give him an accentuated thick body structure that would make it easy to attract men.

In some of the pictures circulating on the internet, he looked like a woman with make-up and red lipstick, making it easy to deceive unsuspecting targets.

Things went wrong for him in Kenya, and he was arrested and later exposed to be a man after defrauding many thirsty, unsuspecting men.

@anualeben A Man from Uganda has been arrested for pretending to be a beautiful lady and stealing from unsuspecting men who fell for him thinking she is a woman. 57 men have positively identified him for having defrauded them with 22 claiming to fallen victims more than thrice.

All in all, even in Kenya, these things are happening in our bars. Let us be cautious. #staywarned #duniainamambo #duniahainahuruma #weeuh #naskiawah #kenyasihami #kenyainamambo #kenyansneverdisappoint #mchele #sisemikitu #sinamaonikabisa #sinanguvu #awuoro #ugandanstiktok #ugandan #uganda #ugandatiktok #for #foryou #foryoupage #foryourpage #fy #fyp #fypシ #fypage #fypシ゚viral #viral #viralvideo #viraltiktok #virall #trending #trendingvideo #nairobitiktokers #nairobi #kenyantiktok #kenyan #kenya ♬

Usiitie Doa – Aslay  The police made him take off his dress, and he had a short inside, and the cops made him remove the fake boobs he had, exposing his manly bare chest.

He had long braids and perfectly done makeup that gave him off as a woman.

Twitter users expressed mixed feelings about the man. Check out their sentiments below.  @RooneyCdo:  “Looks like a woman 🤣🤣🤣 people can do anything to get money 🤣”  @TruBlaq_:  “The way this guy was stripped and embarrassed in public was so wrong. Nothing wrong when he identifies himself as a lady. We are all humans. Let’s respect everybody’s choice.”

@sekurudhimba:  “As a man, I feel jealous. All I can say is he looks cute 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀”  @mea_emmanuel:  “Looks better than a number of women I know.”

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