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Jailed and abandoned Sikhala pens an emotional letter to Zimbabweans

INCARCERATED Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) lawmaker Job Sikhala has penned an emotional letter to Zimbabweans, expressing gratitude for their solidarity and asked them to turn Sunday a National Day of Prayer.

Sikhala was arrested a month ago for inciting public violence to seek justice on the death of slain CCC activist Moreblessing Ali.

He was denied bail by both the Magistrate and the High Court.

Sikhala asked Zimbabweans to turn Sunday the 17th of July a National Day of Prayer for those who were jailed for seeking justice for Ali.

“Warm greetings to you all from dear brothers who are with me here in prison, Godfrey Sithole, Precious Jeche, Misheck Guzha and Odinga. They are all in good spirits and are missing you all.

“Finally, we are asking for a small favour from you dear compatriots; May you please kindly make Sunday the 17th of July 2022 a National Day of Prayer for all of us who are jailed without trial for seeking justice for Moreblesing Ali,” Sikhala said.

Sikhala also said he does not regret getting arrested for seeking justice for Ali.

“I went through an unexplainable illness; I am on the road to recovery, please pray for us.

“Standing for the weak and downtrodden in society as I did for Moreblessing Ali and many others is my God’s calling.

“My reward is in heaven, I do it selflessly, and sometimes I end up asking myself why my conscience is always triggered to stand for the predicament of other people. I was just born like that by my mother and father.

“I feel emotionally hurt to witness the weak in our society being abused, brutalised and bullied without recourse.

“I have got no regrets whatsoever with the role I played together with many other Zimbabweans to obtain justice for Moreblessing Ali after she was murdered.

“Generations to come will remember many others and myself for having been jailed for standing up for a defenceless and poor woman who was brutally murdered by political thugs.

“God has taught us to stand for the weak widows and orphans in our societies. Our desire as Zimbabweans is to have a State where security for all persons is guaranteed in a free and democratic country,” he said.

Source – NewZimbabwe

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