Jah Prayzah’s early Christmas present

Of late, it has become an “in-thing” for local and even international artistes to rendition or remake old songs, give them a contemporary feel and evoke nostalgic moments from the heydays.

Joining the list of artistes who have remade old school hit songs is Jah Prayzah (real name Mukudzeyi Mukombe) who released a remix of the late Paul “Dr Love” Matavire’s song titled Ikhisimusi Sifikile on Wednesday.

The rendition of the song is an early Christmas present from Jah Prayzah to his fans as well as a tribute to the legendary Dr Love for his contribution in the growth of the local music industry.

Originally composed by Dr Love himself, Jah Prayzah’s version of the classic Christmas hit was produced by Victor Stot and Rodney Beatz.

On the lead guitar he worked with Marlon T Govera with Prosper Kudzayi Mudzimu playing the bass.  The chorus was sung by Jah Prayzah, Victor Stot and Nyasha David with the lyrics being penned by Jah Prayzah and Dr Love.

The song is credited to Matavire and it is licensed under the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA).

With only a day of its release, the song has garnered 81 000 views on visuals site YouTube and many fans are commending Jah Prayzah for doing justice to the song.

A fan identified as Abdul ZW said: “The music of the legend Paul Matavire lives on, this was a hit and it is still a hit and the beauty of it is that another living legend is keeping the legacy of Matavire alive, keep up the good work Wagwizi.”

Another fan Enance Masvora encouraged people to drive safely when they are driving so as to spend the festive season with their loved families alive.

“I pray for a safe journey to those who are travelling to their motherland to enjoy December holidays. May God protect us from road accidents as we all want a safe journey because we want to party with our families together playing this track delivered to us by Jah Prayzah,” commented Masvora.

Paul Matavire was a blind Zimbabwean musician and songwriter born in Maranda, Mwenezi District.  He rose to prominence in the 1980s when he joined the Jairos Jiri Band based in Bulawayo at the Jairos Jiri Rehabilitation Centre.

He was then elected to lead the Jairo Jiri Band, as one of Zimbabwe’s finest musicians to emerge after the country gained independence from Britain in 1980.

He died in 2005 at the age of 44.


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