Is August a cursed month? or men are now weak…Another high profile suicide

FORMER Premiership footballer, Philip Chandisaita, is reported to have committed suicide by consuming a poisonous substance on Sunday.

The ex-Buffaloes player was 38.

Reports suggest he had a spectacular fallout with his wife over infidelity issues.

Details of how he discovered his wife’s extra-marital affair are still sketchy.

His death comes just weeks after Boss Pango, the Ximex dealer, committed suicide after having shot and killed his estranged girlfriend.

Last night there were reports that the post mortem results showed he succumbed to hypertension.

He is being mourned at his rural Headlands home.

There is also a sizable gathering at his rented Chikanga Phase One home in Mutare.

His close friend, Lloyd Katongomara, said he tried in vain to convince the deceased to do away with suicidal thoughts.

“The last time he phoned me he had gone to Binga, where his wife was working as a teacher.

“He was actually still in Binga by then, when he phoned me.

“In that telephone conversation, he told me that he was heartbroken over what his wife had done to him.

“I asked him what exactly his wife had done but he could not divulge anything more. He only promised to let me know the whole story when he returned.

“Yesterday (Sunday), I phoned him knowing he was now around.

“We arranged to meet and that is when he told me that he had discovered that his wife was cheating on him and he had decided to take his life.

“He said his wife was cheating on him in Binga.

“He told me that he had come back here in Mutare on Thursday together with his two children and his wife.

“He looked and sounded distressed.  I tried to counsel and urged him to do away with suicidal thoughts.

“After some time, I left him for some errands I had to do. The next thing was receiving a phone call that he had committed suicide at his rural home around Headlands,” said Katongomara, who is now turning out for Manica Diamonds.

The then team manager at Buffaloes, Ticha Zikai, recounted the years he spent with the now deceased.

“I personally took them from Masvingo United; Philip Chandisaita, Bevern Chirere and Elton Dzumbunu.

“I remember personally giving them bus fare to travel from Masvingo to their rural homes in Rusape before they came to Mutare to join Buffaloes.

“He was with us for the four years that we played in the Castle Lager Premiership.

“It is painful to lose a colleague in this manner. We are really finding it difficult to understand why he had to take his life.

“He was a very disciplined player.

“I recently saw him getting the armband at Buffaloes in Division One, which is testimony of his discipline.

“We are saying when one gets into problems we are supposed to share. This is a message to our football players.

“If we had had the opportunity to sit down with him perhaps it could have ended in a different way without losing a life just like that.”


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