Internet fraudster runs mad after unsuccessful attempt at using mother for money ritual.

Internet fraudster runs mad after unsuccessful attempt at using mother for money ritual – A viral video on social media has captured the moment a young man, known as Junior allegedly ran mad, the aftermath of an attempt at using his mother for money rituals, though the claim is yet to be verified.

Eyewitnesses stated that the young man ran mad after his failed attempt, and in the video, he can be heard saying that he opted to use his private part for the ritual process, but “they” refused.

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Furthermore, he questioned why they never requested him to use his father for the money-making ritual process.

The trend of using black magic or “juju” to amass wealth, also known as “yahoo-plus” among internet fraudsters or “yahoo boys” in Nigeria, has been on the rise. In the quest to get rich, a lot of young people resort to using diabolical means, including using loved ones’ blood, body parts, and passwords to access a client’s foreign bank account, among other things.

However, the consequences are demeaning.

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In a similar event, an Indian man recently succumbed to an acid attack that was allegedly carried out over accusations of practicing black magic.

The disturbing incident was sparked by claims of black magic, exposing the deeply ingrained superstitions and beliefs present in certain areas of India, which frequently result in devastating outcomes.

After his father was brutally attacked, it was the son who decided to file a complaint with the police, bravely shedding light on the appalling situation. The police report revealed that the attackers targeted.


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