Indonesian woman found dead inside monster python after missing for days

JAKARTA- A 54-year-old Indonesian grandmother, Jahrah, was found inside a 22-foot-long python days after she went missing.

Betara Jambi Police Chief AKP Herafa confirmed the news of the tragedy in a statement during an interview.

According to Herafa, the victim failed to return home from collecting rubber at a plantation in the Jambi province on Saturday.

Her husband tried searching for her in the area without any trace of her but only discovered his wife’s jacket, headscarf, sandals and knife before calling off the search.

On the next day, a group of villagers resumed the search and discovered a giant snake in the area with a swollen mid-section, indicating it had eaten something large.

According to New York Posy, the villagers sliced the serpent open which led to the discovery of the body of the missing woman.

Police in the area have cautioned the villagers to stay alert to avoid similar incidents as they worry that bigger snakes are still in the forest.

The area has a history of hosting massive serpents with the last known biggest found in the village measuring 27-foot-long.

Prior to this, another 55-year-old woman was eaten by a giant snake in the Muna district of Southeast Sulawesi back in 2018

In 2017, another python swallowed an Indonesian palm oil farmer and another one swallowed a 25-five-year-old in the same year in the area.

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