In-laws eat too much bread, finish sugar, man cries out

A Zambian housewife has told a local court that her husband is a miser who does not want her relatives to eat food from her home.

Mwewa Chitambo, 33, of Mkushi’s Kasokota area sued his wife Emelda Kapenga, 29, for reconciliation even though she deserted him for being stingy with food.

In submission, Chitambo told the court that he married his wife in 2008 and paid a bride price of K2,500. He said he has three children with his wife.

Chitambo told the court that problems started when his wife’s elder sister moved to the nearby area they were staying and his wife started going back home between 22 and 24 hours after visiting.

In cross-examination, the court asked Chitambo why he was in the habit of shouting at his wife over food.
He said he only talked about the misuse of sugar and bread.

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