“I’m The Richest Zimbabwean Artist Out Here” – Buffalo Souljah

South Africa-based multi-award-winning dancehall musician Buffalo Souljah has caused a stir on social media after declaring that he is the richest Zimbabwean musician.

His declaration basically means he is richer than Zimbabwe’s current biggest musicians Jah Prayzah and Winky D.

Buffalo Souljah’s declaration also means he is richer than veterans such as Alick Macheso and Thomas Mapfumo who have been doing the music thing since the South African musician was in primary school.

While he did not give his current net worth, Buffalo Souljah showed off that he had spent R200 000 on the video of his latest single Even Badman Fall In Love.

At the time of writing R200 000 is equivalent to US$10 940 on the official exchange rate.

Taking to his official social media pages, Buffalo Souljah declared he is the richest musician in Zimbabwe saying that this will not change regardless of what music listeners think.

He said:  I’m the richest Zim Artist out here 🤷🏿‍♂️ Hate it or love it munozviziva Buffalo Zigoati Even Badman Video Was r200k budget 🤷🏿‍♂️  Below are some of the recations to Buffalo Souljah’s declaration:  og_jamal_:  The moment you see yourself trying to prove that you are rich tobva tatoziva kut haa mari hapana 😂…(kana native hapana handis kuti he is broke 😂 ndikuti yaanayo haisi kukwana ndosaka akuda tifunge anayo yakawanda)

the.boy_asap_pusha:  Who is richer than Jah Prayzah l mean dude had been making money more than any other artists in Zim and he has links with the BIGGEST international artists on planet Earth

jnr_mannexx_mundondo:  Which is true , but kuimba haagone .While his actual or estimated net worth is unknown, the self-proclaimed King of African Dancehall recently gifted himself with a luxury Mustang.

Buffalo Souljah gifted himself with an early birthday present ahead of his birthday on the 16th of September.

Apart from the Mustang, Buffalo Souljah owns a Jeep. While it is not clear if he is a homeowner or not, Buffalo Souljah lives in a luxurious mansion in South Africa’s leafy Sandton suburb.

Apart from being a musician, the Even Badman Fall In Love musician is a proud business owner.

He is the owner of Big Buff Chickens and the record label UNA Music Group which stands for United Nations Of Africa Music Group.

The record label was once home to fellow Zimbabwean musician and former Miss Zimbabwe Vanessa Sibanda known in music circles as Queen Vee.

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