I’m Done With Black Men Mai Titi Says As She Goes White

Popular comedienne Mai Titi, real name Felistas Murata, has said she is never going to date black men in future

Mai Titi made the remarks while dismissing an image that was circulating on social media where she was captured cosied up with an unidentified.

If I’m ever going to date again, trust me anenge asiri munhu mutema. Below is a picture taken by Dhewa’s girlfriend yesterday kushow.

Mukandiona chete ndine murungu then moziva kuti ndiCatfather. Zveava varipazasi apo muskana wavo ndiye akatotora pikicha irori ivo vanonzi Dhewa.  Ndatenda.

Her fans supported the notion;

Shingie Melidith  Your life your rules deae, you don’t owe anyone an explanation, do what makes you happy

Yeu Mai Bee Rukah  Tatagara tavaramba dhewa kkkk hativade sa cat father🤣🤣

Georgina Hlongwane  Your choice is not a mistake mura bhora mberi zvikasaita siya tsvagazvimwe

Early this year, Mai TT got married to United States-based Tinashe Maphosa in a glamorous extravagant wedding.

The fairytale wedding was dubbed the biggest wedding in Zimbabwe.  One of the most significant expenses for the couple was hiring South African superstar Kelly Khumalo to perform at the event.

Speaking after the wedding, Mai TT said,  “One of the expensive things at our wedding was bringing Kelly Khumalo here. It was worth it at the end of the day as it was my daughter’s dream just to hug her. I’m also a huge fan of hers, I fell in love with her on Empini.  Dear Kelly, you left us bankrupt, but it’s ok, sisi, it was worth it.”

Speaking during an interview, the comedian revealed that she had splashed close to US$100 000 (approximately R1.67 million) on her fairytale wedding.

Unfortunately, less than four months after the extravagant wedding, Mai TT and Tinashe Maphosa’s marriage hit the rocks.

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