WATCH: Video of Zimbabwe Teachers Twerking “For President” Sends Internet Into Overdrive

A video of Zimbabwe teachers dancing and twerking away at the launch of a program to support President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government has sent the internet into overdrive.

The teachers, who were mostly female, excitedly danced for the president at the launch of the Teachers4ED programme in the video, which is going viral on social media streets

Many of the teachers appeared not to have a care in the world as they showcased their fluid dance moves while seeming to be competing against each other.

Given the style of the teachers’ dance moves, it’s not surprising that the video has received a lot of attention and engagement online.

There have been numerous comments on the video from Zimbabweans, and opinions have been varied.

Some people praised the teachers for enjoying themselves and living in the moment at a time when conditions may well be difficult.

Others, however, bemoaned the alleged lack of decorum from the teachers. They argued that while there is nothing wrong with dancing, teachers should avoid twerking and other suggestive dances at public functions.

Others poked fun at the educators while claiming to be very curious about whether or not they were real teachers and what they taught.


“Some never think about yesterday or tomorrow ngoma ikarira kutamba chete (when the music starts).”


“Did anyone check the Chimurenga Choir members’ whereabouts during this events?”


“If you leave your mum to twerk for ED like this, you are part of the problem.”


“Mdara in suit was thinking about a bit more than Economic Development.”


“Poverty does not hinder joy. its not a barrier to joy.”


“I just want to know what these guys teach.”


“Those who attended this endorsement are just pathetic individuals who do not value their profession and think what Ed government is giving them is a deserving salary but what do we expect from teachers who passed through Border Gezi training institutions ? Honestly nothing!”

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