I feel guilty and sad when I look at my husband’s face – Ghanaian woman cries

A Ghanaian woman from Taifa in the Greater Accra Region is seeking advice to save her image because she plays “leadership roles in the church” together with her husband, and can’t bear the shame that is staring her in the face.

According to her, although she is currently living with her husband of eight years, she is more or less married to two different men, with all her two children belonging to her ex-boyfriend.

In a letter to The SelShow, a counselling platform on Facebook, the disturbed woman explained that she had broken up with her ex-lover but, after marriage, they found a means to reunite.

“I am married for the past 8 years with 2 beautiful children. In actual fact, my husband takes good care of the children and they are very close but unfortunately, he is taking care of someone’s children and this is known to only me and the father of the children.

“I met my husband when I broke up with him but just a year into our marriage, he started coming back and this was how we reconnected and I got pregnant for him but gave it to my husband, both the first and the second pregnancies,” she revealed.

She added that she has been able to cheat on her husband over the years successfully with the cooperation of her ex-boyfriend, but she fears her cup is getting full, and her husband might just get wind of her infidelity.

“Even though I live with my husband it is as though am married to 2 men and they both plan the future of the children with me.

“Am becoming scared now because he is asking me to leave my husband which I cannot do. Also, I play leadership roles in the church together with my husband and don’t know how this will cause me.

“How can I handle this because I am tired now and anytime I look at my husband’s face, I feel so guilty and sad,” she cried.

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