I Don’t Owe Pokello For My Rise To Popularity | Jackie Ngarande

Popular socialite Jackie Ngarande has trashed widespread assertion that she rose to popularity as the self proclaimed Queen of Swagger, Pokello Nare’s proxy.

Social media users had always given credit to Nare for where Ngarande is today, as many of them knew her through pictures they both posted with the latter a lieutenant of the former.

However, in an interview on Star FM, Ngarande trashed this assertion saying she worked on her own to be who she is.

That’s not true, when I came from the village I was scouted by a woman called Mercy Mushaninga.

She was my modelling manager, I got on the limelight through modelling.

I should never be identified through somebody else… Pokello was my friend, I’ve got nothing bad to say about her, she did not do anything bad to me and I did not do anything bad to her, but for people to say they knew me through Pokello that’s unfair.

I’ve worked so hard for my image, I got on the limelight through modelling, Mercy Mushaninga is the one who brought me into the limelight.  She went on to reveal that it was growth that ended their relationship as they could nolonger push each other onto the next level.

Growth happened, Pokello couldn’t take me to the next level of life and I couldn’t take her to the next level of her life.  Ngarande also said she last spoke to Nare the morning flamboyant businessman and socialite, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure died in an accident.

The last time I called her was when Genius died. We are nolonger friends that’s why we don’t talk too often.

The two were best friends to an extent that Nare designed a shoe after  Ngarande.

After their fallout, they deleted each other’s pictures from social media.


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