“I Am Working To Be A Sangoma”: Former Miss Zimbabwe After Going ‘Homeless’ In SA

Former Miss World Zimbabwe, Phoebe Monjana, has insisted that she is working on becoming a sangoma or a prophetess and dismissed reports that she is now homeless in SA.

This follows reports that Monjana is now staying on the streets of Joburg, South Africa, with “nyaope boys”. The term refers to drug addicts.

The former Miss World Zimbabwe reached out to lifestyle tabloid H-Metro and insisted that things are not as bad as previously claimed. She went on to say that she is working on her spiritualism to become a sangoma or, alternatively, a prophetess.

Speaking to the publication, the former Miss Zimbabwe said,

“Basically, what I am struggling with are prophetic things, to be a sangoma, or kuita n’anga in other words.

“But, kuve mustreet, I don’t wanna lie, no I am not.

“So, my spiritualism means a lot to me.”

Monjane also appealed for spiritual help from church organisations.

“If it’s a church organisation, I need to work with them, maybe, (for them) to help me in that respect.

“But, as I said, I am not mustreet but I can do with spiritual awakening, and working with divinity, more than I can explain.”

The model also appeared to take potshots at her friend Chipo Chopera for rushing to the media with the claims that she is now homeless. Monjane insists that she is okay and hopes to get married soon to an Englishman.

“If people want to help me, they don’t rush to the newspaper.

“Let my fellow people know I’m well, thank you.

“I am well, residing with my fiancé in Kensington; he is an English guy.

“I am actually engaged to be married and will soon tie the knot.”

The former Miss Zimbabwe acknowledged that she had faced some challenges in her life, although they are now being exaggerated.

“I have faced storms in my life but not to the point of being homeless with nyaope (drug addicts) guys.

“If anything, who am I to classify myself better than the other?” she said.

Phoebe Monjane thanked well-wishers who had mobilised to help her. But she said she is not looking for charity.


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