How they do it in Nigeria: Confessions Of Women having Extramarital Affairs


Nneoma, 34

I had this guy i was chatting with on facebook before i got married . Two into marriage , he messaged me again on facebook and we started talking. He often sends me his p*nis pictures and he told me he would fvck me to stupor when we meet. My husband was on a business trip the first 2 times i went to meet with this guy.

i didnt know my husband was already back in Lagos the third time. On that day, we werent going to a hotel like we used to. we were only going to a secluded restaurant to eat with one of his friends. My husband showed up from nowhere and scattered the table. Long story short , it led to a serious fight and the two guys started to beat my husband. I tried everything i could to rescue him but my husband wont stop acting stubborn. las las other people had to interfere before it got settled. I am still married to my husband but the relationship is not like it used to be.

Khadija, 40

I got drunk and fvcked my husband friend last year december. Whenever i came to Nigeria with the kids, we spend a few days at my husbands friend house in Lagos before his driver drives us to Ibadan

His wife is late and all his children except the last born are in Germany and Australia. We had a lot to drink when having a conversation one night after the children went to bed, one thing led to the other and we started going at it . We had s*x thrice before morning.


My husband and i were 5&6. We were so inlove that people pray for our kind of love in real life and on social media. In 2020 i found out that my husband had been dating a younger girl for over a year. I became very sick and depressed because ch*ating on me was the last thing i ever imagined would happen in my marriage.

Thats how i also agreed to date another guy to revenge for what my husband did to me. I fell in love with this guy and we were always communicating. My husband found out and it caused a serious fight that we had to involve both of our families. I stopped dating the guy but the only problem is that im not sure if my newborn is for my husband or the guy.

Oyindamola, 27

The only reason why i started dating Dimeji(now husband) back then was beacuse of his caring habit, financial stability, and generosity. I didnt know it will lead to marriage because i neither loved nor found him attractive right from the beginning. Throughout my relationship with Dimeji, i was dating another guy called Soji who  intended to marry.

A year after dating , Dimeji took me on a trip to Paris and asked if i would marry him. I couldnt say no even though i didnt want to. Now that we are married, I still dont love my husband as much. The marriage is like a cage to me because i wasnt done on the street before he put a ring on it. I cried a lot the day i heard that Soji got married to another woman because i truly loved him. I know Dimeji doesnt deserve this but i have dated 3 guys since we got married in August 2019.

Esther , 36

Ch*ating on my husband is something i never believed could happen. Unfortunately , i did in 2020. My husband and i were just average earners. Although we couldnt afford to buy everything we desired , we were neither hungry nor begging for money. My husband lost his job early last year which caused a little hardship.

I had to carry all the responsibility for about 6 months which wasnt a problem for me. My boss found out and promised to get my husband a well paying job at his friend company if we have s*x. I t was after we had s*x I realized that the b*stard didnt have anything to offer. I feel so ashamed and i am dying inside because i have betrayed my husband.

Zahirat, 39

I dated my husband for 9 years before  we got married. People that knew us when we were dating were so sure that we would get married due to the bond we shared. Two years after our marriage, my husband told me his plan to marry a second wife who was already pregnant. My entire life fell apart that moment, i thought the heartbreak would kill me.

Although i am still legally married to my husband, I now have an affair with a 37 year old man who means the entire world to me. This new guy is asking for my hand in marriage but i wont leave my husband for new wife because i went through a lot with him.

Dolapo, 37

I am currently ch*ating on my husband with another married man and i am looking for an exit to my marriage of 10 years. I met my husband through a former colleague who was his cousin. My husband has been verbal and psychological abus*er to me and my son over the years, he constantly makes me feel worthless and turned me against my family and friends. I met my lover this year at my previous workplace.

After spending time together , we became int*mate and my lover has been helping me come back out of the shell i had fallen into (my unhealthy marriage) My husband found out about us but we still find ways to communicate. I am working towards getting my finances together so i can leave my husband next year.

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