Hips And Behind Winning As Tariro Gezi Wins Over Impeccably Dressed Anita Jackson,

They say in Zimbabwe @$$ and hips gets a woman further than anywhere a degree can take her, and this seems to be the case considering recent developments.

Popular video vixen Tariro Gezi has sparked an outcry following her win as the best dressed individual at Black Panther Première.

Gezi won the best outfit over musician Anita Jackson who many considered to be Impeccably dressed.

Reacting to Gezi’s win , social media users had this to say;

Terry Porter Rain  Respect Anita please kwete kuda kuisa ma gero friend enyu pachigaro sa Gushungo 😂

Dina Jandles  Mune favour ande munonyepa   Anita was the best dressed  Munhu akangobvisa hembe akaita kagaro nehip atochena  Musadaro

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