Great Zimbabwe University Students Involved In An Accident

“ALERT: We have received a report that 20 students from Great Zimbabwe University were involved in an accident on their way from Masvingo after getting registered to vote. 8 are in a critical condition. We wish them a speedy recovery,” Mahere said.

This comes a few days after CCC activist Hopewell Chin’ono blasted Zimbabweans for flocking in their numbers to watch a Facebook live broadcast of socialite, Mai Titi.

Over 17 000 Facebook users on Tuesday tuned in to Star FM Facebook page, to watch radio presenter Olla 7 interviewing Mai Titi.

Seeing these numbers, against the low voter registration turnout that has been reported in past months, Chin’ono went on a tirade blasting Zimbabweans for misplaced attention.

Hospitals have no medication, schools have no books, 95% of Zimbabwe’s potential work force is out of work, the whole country has NO radiotherapy or heart bypass machine, there is little voter registration, yet 14,200 Zimbabweans are currently listening to a Facebook drama Queen.

They are useless, absolutely useless!  Regai ZANUPF iti ine mafuza ayo!  Reacting to Chin’ono’s sentiments, most of his followers agreed that the country deserves to be where it is because the majority is not yet ready to shift attention towards nation-building or bread-and-butter issues.

Tavimba Quince Donsa Nkomo  Something which puzzled my heart mkoma Hopewell munhu wemurume ari normal ane mhuri kuita top fan yamai T diaries unobva wazorora soo senyika hakuna kwatiri kuenda  Jon Mopao  Hehehe, we get the leaders we deserve and Zimbabwe is where it is because that’s what Zimbabweans deserve.

The majority don’t care about social services, functioning utilities or even common decency. We shall remain a shithole of a place for many a decade to come.

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