Going Strong!!! Mhofela Posts Madam Boss For The First Time Ever Since The Adultery Scandal

Popular comedienne Tarisai “Madam Boss” Chikocho’s husband has, for the first time, posted a picture of his wife on social media ever since the adultery scandal, in what could be proof that the two are still going strong.

Ngoni Munetsiwa, popularly known as Mhofela, was recently in the eye of an adultery storm where he impregnated his mistress Evangelista Zhou.

According to reports, it seemed everything was going to crumble as in one instance, reacting to Munetsiwa’s mess, Madam Boss reportedly stripped him of the Mercedes Benz he was using.

She also allegedly put their Chitungwiza home up for sale, where Munetsiwa had accommodated Zhou without her blessing.

But despite it all, it seems they successfully mapped a way forward as Munetsiwa yesterday took to social media and shared their picture together.

This comes a few days after Madam Boss set social media ablaze by declaring that she still is her husband’s original wife.  Wrote Madam Boss on Facebook;  👸�👸�👸�👸�👸�

Mai Mhofu 🤍�🤍�  Mai Munetsiwa 🙏�

Mai Miki 🫶�

Muroora waMaiNgoni 🤍�🤍�

Mwana wa Dziva na Soko 🦾�🦾�

Meanwhile, Madam Boss was again in the headlines recently after her involvement in a road traffic accident which a section on social media questioned the genuineness  One Florence Chaurura queried on Facebook;  “ Please help me put my brain at ease ….I think mwari pavakandipa njere vakaita dzekundipa overdose…Njere dzangu dziri kundirwisa… ? Which part of Norton/ Kadoma was this …. ? How come there was no one around such that hatina kana imwe picture inotaura nezve njodzi ? Which hospital did they go …this girl is a huge public figure zvekuti the internet would be awash with pictures dzeku hospital, dzepa site etc.. Iniwo futi ndiri kunzwa kusada kupinzwa mu unnecessary”  To prove her case, Madam Boss shared a video of images compiled from the accident scene on Facebook.

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