Ginimbi’s Ex-Manager Ms Shally Spends R275K On Pearly Whites

Ms Shally is continuing with the affluence that came to be associated with her late boss Genius Kadungure, popularly known as Ginimbi.

Ms Shally, born Shaleen Manhire, decided to gift herself an early birthday present and spent a hefty US$15 000, roughly R275 000, on pearly whites.

The socialite and public relations manager took to social media to announce that she had invested a mouthwatering amount on her teeth.


Ms Shally Pearly Whites
Ms Shally before and after investing US$15K on her teeth (Image Credit: Ms Shally on Instagram)


A section of social media users disputed the amount given by Ms Shally saying the procedure costs much less than she claimed she paid.


Ini hangu i know dental implants/ smile makeover is priced at $650- $ 1350 in Turkey. Even liposuction is not this expensive in turkey but anyway…what do I know😂


Thats a lie😂 kuTurkey zvaka cheaper izvo 3k including hotel.


I want to see receipts because dental surgery in Turkey is cheaper than most places 😂😂😂😂 last quote was £250 max per tooth @dentalaestheticturkey


Vaneers don’t run you more than 3.5k in turkey, 5k if you were raised without a toothbrush.

But tikati garei garei vakwanda vanawo vakango broka chete, will become those old people with no teeth🤷🏾‍♀️


Sis need to stop lying it doesn’t cost that much especially kuturkey 😂😂😂

Some criticised Ms Shally for the investment saying it was unnecessary and that a toothbrush and the ever reliable Colgate toothpaste would have done the job for much less.

Whether $1 for collgate or 15k for dental care chikuru kuva nawo ese achishanda zvaalagadzirirwa plus kusanhuwa futi 😂😂😂
15k pamazino chete ini colget ye R20chaiyo ndoomera kutenga😂😂😂😂😂😂 haaah this life no balance😢 kusiyana kwema levels😂
Me who brushes his teeth every day since 2002🦭 not feeling bothered


Ms Shally will be turning 35 this year on 26 October. She is now Better Brands boss Scott Sakupwanya’s publicist and is part of the team behind the Rick Ross concert in Zimbabwe scheduled for November.

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