Gemma Griffiths Leaves Zimbabweans Drooling With Bikini Picture

Gemma Griffiths is living her best life in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and she couldn’t help but share pictures with her followers on social media.

The popular musician recently shut down the internet when she posted a picture on her official Facebook page.Fans, male and female alike, who took to the comments section could not help but drool at the Maita Basa Baba musician.

The usually conservative musician posted a picture of herself at Kite Beach in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) with her immaculate physique on full display.

Gemma Griffiths simply captioned the sultry picture, “Beach baby… ok love you byeeee 🫶�“

Below are some of the reactions:  Kudakwashe Mhlanga:  Thats why Winky said “Imagine”.

Pinnie Richard:  Gemma ndokuda

Christian Chirimanzi:  Now I understand winky when he said Gemma Gemma 😂😂😂😂

Precious Ruzvidzo:  Beautiful you are 😍😍😍

Valentine Mazenge:  I guess winky wanted to name the album Gemmer akazinyara akati njema ,  Someone play me zvamakatakura amai by Pumacol  Some fans however pointed out the hypocrisy of Zimbabweans.

Cephas Thumbwa:  if it was Vimbai Zimuto, will be another story  Buhle

Lwazie Moyo:  Nekuti aita mrungu ingori gorgeous ari Anna Honde ototukirirwa  Tariro Mgmba

Sibanda:  I wish I was you Gemma dai ndirini ndazviposta ndiri kubeach ndanzwa nekutukwa zvokt bhee.Absolutely beautiful  Prudence

Kudakwashe Mhlanga:  MaZimba corruption Dai ari mabrijo ingori “enda unopfeka ” this that anyway you look good baby girllll🥰body ,swim suit ,background even the sand is on point👌

This is not the first time the Ndinewe musician has caused shockwaves on the internet after posting a picture on social media.

Gemma Griffiths who is known for her contagious bubbly posts decided to exhibit her vivacious side and her following could not help but love it.


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