Game changer: Joina City to become a 24hr mall

In a move that is likely to see a new dimension in business operations in Harare central business district (CBD), Joina City management has announced plans to turn the mall into a 24 hour operating cycle starting November 25 2022.

In a statement, Joina City management said the ambitious move will allow tenants to realise more profits and to increase sales.


Statement by Joina City Management
Statement by Joina City management

“In a move to increase sales, we would like to encourage all tenants to participate in extended shopping hours for the mall. Our target is for Joina City to be the first 24hr shopping mall in Zimbabwe,” read the statement.

“For a start we will open the mall until 2200hrs effective 25 November 2022, and we are ready to adjust the times as per your recommendations.”


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