Furious Ximex dealers cry foul

XIMEX Mall dealers yesterday said they had had enough of people who abused their base by associating it with shady activities like the bizarre trade in toes.

This follows recent reports on social and mainstream media that top dealers were either inviting people, or were part of a cult, where toes were being sacrificed for instant riches.

However, most of the dealers have denied such acts, claiming they were only running clean hustles and their image had been tarnished.

One dealer claimed their sponsors and customers were contemplating cutting them out because of these horrific stories.

“All this social media attention has been bad for our business and we have been left exposed with most of our customers now preferring to do business elsewhere.

“None of these stories are true and, as we have promised, every dealer will be wearing slops on Saturday just to show the nation that we don’t do sacrifices.

“We wake up and come to Ximex Mall kuzotsvaga mari and we hustle throughout the day, pamwe pacho zvichiramba, but we still come back,” said one dealer, identified as Dadzo.

The dealers targeted David Kaseke, a.k.a Zhula, who was among the few who admitted to being agents of the so-called toe buyers.

Zhula spent the better part of yesterday being reprimanded by some of his colleagues who labelled him a clown.

Yesterday, he changed the story and claimed he was under the influence of alcohol when he spoke to H-Metro on Monday.

“I never thought the video was going to be published on social media. I guess I had too much to drink and it never crossed my mind that journalists are always serious with their                    work.

“I had a tough day, after the video went viral, and I want to apologise to my counterparts for agreeing to say what I said on camera,” said Zhula.


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