From Side Chick To Queen Consort: King Charles III’s Wife Camilla Parker Bowles Becomes Role Model For All The Wrong Reasons

King Charles III’s Wife Camilla Parker Bowles is trending on social media following the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Following the Queen’s death,  Prince Charles ascended to the throne as King alongside his wife Camilla, who is now “Queen Consort”.


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Queen Consort Camilla’s inspiring story is for the books, for many years, Camilla was portrayed in a poor light. She was blamed by the general public for the break-up of the marriage between Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana.

As if that was not enough, Queen Elizabeth reportedly refused to see or speak to her. She, however, ended up warming up to her and on the first day of her Platinum Jubilee year she announced that she wants Camilla to be Queen Consort.

The crowning of Queen Consort Camilla marks a significant U-turn after Camilla took the lesser title Princess Consort when she married the Prince of Wales in 2005.

From ‘side chick to wife to queen’, her love story has inspired side chicks across the world. Social media users have since dubbed her the role model of all side chicks. Social media users hailed the new Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles as the world’s most successful side chick (mistress). They said that she is the most prolific side chick in history.

Check out some of the reactions on social media;


Camilla finna become the role model for all the side chicks around the world

Camilla is the perfect illustration of how a side chick can become a queen. Don’t be afraid to become a side chick.
Camilla really went from being a side chick to Queen, I guess it’s time to stop dreaming abt finding one true love and just snatch someone else’s man. my time will come too
Camilla is Queen consort and Max Verstappen is miles ahead in the championship this year. Tell me again how you believe karma exists?



She will never have a good side . Here is to all side chicks 🥂🥂 Camilla got what she wanted it didn’t matter who she destroyed in the process




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